Kim St. Clair

Transformational Energy Sessions and Lenormand Card Readings

What People Have Said...

Josie Energy - Jacksonville

My experience with Kim was more than just information exchange and guidance. Just like a match being lit, I could feel when she connected to my energy. Can you say profound? My goodness, I had to try to keep grounded and present because I felt like my soul went on vacation. The healing was real and tangible. I appreciate and respect her gifts. Kim is an awesome cup of tea with a pina colada cupcake on the side.



Susan S. in Australia

Wow Kim where do I start…..I’ve not ever come across anyone who does what you do, what a special gift you have. Thank you beautiful soul for helping me to heal in all ways! I love how as you would say ” work with my crew”. The way you use flowers nd herbs for healing is amazing! Your energy nd heart is so very calming I truly feel blessed from our session. I loved the way you knew my physical illnesses without me saying a word. You were spot on. Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you. You’re a gift to this earth nd time many blessings to you. XOXOX



A text from Mel

Hi Kim, thanks I feel great not long to go until my baby girl arrives … I will be sure to send u a message if I need a check in session … Thankyou I really feel more positive energy since my spiritual healing with u
It worked almost immediately and my husband has even seen a difference in me and my attitude toward life and my happiness so thankyou

A Thank you from Silvia

Dear Kim,

I want to take moment to thank you for your intuitive healing reading. Your reading was amazingly accurate and powerful. Thank you for sharing your loving light and healing gift. Blessings!