Kim St. Clair


What People Have Said...

Megan from Texas

The natal chart reading as a whole was very cool to experience;  it felt like I was being read a summary of myself and it was accurate, so when we dove into the important questions of helpful things I should know from my birth chart, it really felt like I was being given a legend on a map. The amount of patience and kindness you showed throughout the natal chart reading helped the process feel like I wasn’t taking in too much information at once. One of my favorite things about the reading was being able to see a visual of my personal natal chart, and having time to go back and forth to take notes for myself after you recommending that I do so.  I’m just so in awe with my session and the light it was able to shed on certain topics.
All of that along with the Healing you provided was just the cherry on top of an amazing experience. 

Josie Energy - Jacksonville

My experience with Kim was more than just information exchange and guidance. Just like a match being lit, I could feel when she connected to my energy. Can you say profound? My goodness, I had to try to keep grounded and present because I felt like my soul went on vacation. The healing was real and tangible. I appreciate and respect her gifts. Kim is an awesome cup of tea with a pina colada cupcake on the side.



Susan S. in Australia

Wow Kim where do I start…..I’ve not ever come across anyone who does what you do, what a special gift you have. Thank you beautiful soul for helping me to heal in all ways! I love how as you would say ” work with my crew”. The way you use flowers nd herbs for healing is amazing! Your energy nd heart is so very calming I truly feel blessed from our session. I loved the way you knew my physical illnesses without me saying a word. You were spot on. Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you. You’re a gift to this earth nd time many blessings to you. XOXOX



A text from Mel

Hi Kim, thanks I feel great not long to go until my baby girl arrives … I will be sure to send u a message if I need a check in session … Thankyou I really feel more positive energy since my spiritual healing with u
It worked almost immediately and my husband has even seen a difference in me and my attitude toward life and my happiness so thankyou

A Thank you from Silvia

Dear Kim,

I want to take moment to thank you for your intuitive healing reading. Your reading was amazingly accurate and powerful. Thank you for sharing your loving light and healing gift. Blessings!