A little bit about me…

I am a natural intuitive and the work I do combines this gift with years of study and my personal journey. I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology and have studied various physical and energetic modalities including Reiki and methods for accessing the Akashic Records.  I have traveled extensively and worked with healers from different cultures and countries.  The sessions I offer are a synthesis of what I have found to work on what I consider to be a practical level.

In design there is a principle called – K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple Stupid.  My request for sessions is Keep It Simple Spirit…

How I approach sessions

I tailor each session experience to meet your needs and goals. Unlike many other healers I don’t set sessions upon a space of time. A session lasts as long as Spirit needs to research the root cause for your issue.

Also expect to have fun in the process.  Laughter and joy are truly medicine. They have the power to release us from the stories we tell ourselves; and let’s face it – it’s probably time to get a new perspective on some of those stories!

It’s a gift to take the opportunity to bring what your journey has been since your soul’s inception to the conscious level.  It could be said that we have all been there and done it on countless occasions.  As we begin to realize that our ability to extend compassion to ourselves and to others grows.

More About Sessions

You do not need to hold a particular set of beliefs or even expectations to experience relief and change.

Many clients share common concerns like:

Romantic Relationships
Family Relationships
Money and Career
Physical Concerns
House or Office Clearings

There is no issue too big or too small.

Bring your dreams, your desires, your hurts, your parts that thirst to touch the divine…

I work exclusively by phone or by Skype. You may book live sessions with me or you can email me what it is you would like to have done. I will perform the session and send a written summary.