Altered fats may be hiding in the foods you eat creating a conundrum for your metabolism!

Umm, yuck! How does your body remove these mystery fats?

As with any other number published in this column I can in no way guarantee what your personal results will be nor am I suggesting that you substitute this number for a visit to your personal doctor.Now that I’ve made this disclaimer here’s the number for you to try:


Print the image and frequency or write the number on a piece of paper.

Fill a water bottle or glass with your choice of water and either tape the number to the side of the bottle/glass or set the bottle/glass on top of the number like you would a coaster.

Let the water “rest” for at least three hours.

If you prefer not to place the intention into the water, another alternative would be to place the number in a place that is visible to you each day or even place it in your pillow case and literally sleep on it at night.