To give and receive love is a complete circuit where love flows without interruption. However, sometimes life experience causes the creation of interruptions in this flow and we can feel lonely. This frequency will help to peel away defenses that you have built to protect your heart and are serving to keep love at a distance.

This can be a deep release; be gentle with yourself and know that frequencies work at a steady pace.




Print the image and frequency or write the number on a piece of paper.

Fill a water bottle or glass with your choice of water and either tape the number to the side of the bottle/glass or set the bottle/glass on top of the number like you would a coaster.

Let the water “rest” for at least three hours.

If you prefer not to place the intention into the water, another alternative would be to place the number in a place that is visible to you each day or even place it in your pillow case and literally sleep on it at night.