Juniper berries aren’t really berries at all but are the female seed cone of the Juniper plant have long been used in folk medicine.   The spirit gin is gets it distinct flavor from juniper berries. Also juniper berries can be distilled into essential oil, that are most commonly used to relieve anxiety, for skin issues and also as an astringent. The oil has a woodsy scent and aromatherapists often use in diffusers as a grounding scent.

At the spiritual level some cultures, the Hopi in particular view Juniper Berries as one of the plant guardians.

Junipers berries are considered to help expand consciousness.

The frequency here will integrate between spiritual and physical levels.

As always, I have included directions below. If you are feeling particularly adventurous I suggest infusing a little tipple of gin to see if it enhances or alters your experience!



Print the image and frequency or write the number on a piece of paper.

Fill a water bottle or glass with your choice of water and either tape the number to the side of the bottle/glass or set the bottle/glass on top of the number like you would a coaster.

Let the water “rest” for at least three hours.

If you prefer not to place the intention into the water, another alternative would be to place the number in a place that is visible to you each day or even place it in your pillow case and literally sleep on it at night.