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What Are The Akashic Records?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means “aether” or more broadly the essence of everything physical and non-physical.

The Akashic Records are sometimes referred to as the Cosmic Memory Bank… The Records contain the story of your soul and all that exists within this universe and all others.

What is Akashic Astrology?

Akashic Astrology is the way I describe how I approach astrological readings. I am not your typical astrologer!  A chart reading with me is an active energetic exploration of your chart.

In my sessions:

Astrology gives us the time, the mythic/symbolic language and current material movements.

The Akashic aether gives us a deeper understanding and practical way to transform and move the energy of your chart on the physical plane.

The chart you created at the moment of your birth draws your own sacred geometrical shape. That shape/chart represents your dreams, your challenges and aspirations.  It’s a map of all that you have intended to experience in this lifetime. 

An “Akashic Astrology” session taps both your shape/chart and the reasons and stories behind the it to enhance and deepen your current journey.