Lenormand Card Reading with Introductory Healing Session via Phone/Skype


When this option is selected I will send an email after your payment is received to set an appointment time for your telephone session.




The Lenormand Cards are named for Napoleon Bonaparte’s famed reader Madame Lenormand and by design provide a practical and to the point snapshot of your situation and the most likely possibilities surrounding it. As with any prognostic reading it’s best to keep in mind that we are free agents! The cards are not only a great confirmation of the energy surrounding a question but they can help to pinpoint what changes you might consider and so can be a great tool and starting point for evolution!

Sessions are 50 USD/AUD/NZD; 42 Euro or 36 GBP for a 30 minute card reading or 130 USD/AUD/NZD; 108 EURO or 97 GBP for a card reading combined with an introductory healing session.